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Accessories/ Accessoires

FashionPosted by Affwé Sat, May 31, 2014 22:26:56
What are my current staples accessories?

Long time ago, accessories were supposed to be as the're named: accessories. They were not in the first place and certainly not, the most important pieces of the an outfit. There were supposed to spice up the outfit, add something.

But lately, things have changed a bit: Accessories have become more than just accessories. Are they becoming the master pieces?

Bags, headbands, earcuffs, cuffs, hats, jewelleries.....

We can not imagnine wearing an outfit without them.

The idea, is how to pick accessories without making a slightest mistake?

Bag Girl:

I know, some of you 'd rather have a lot of bags and fancy changing them at a fast rate, but regarding bags, I have not always been a "Bag Girl".

I've been a "tomboy" for a while and having a bag was not one my priority.

So i started taking a real interest in bags very late.

I was offered by my father my first bag, a Louis Vuitton when I was a teenager, and did not took advantage of it because it was stolen.

Then it took a while before my second bag which was a Louis Vuitton. My mother was a Louis Vuitton addict, and she has lots of them, bags, trunks, suit-cases, vanity-cases in Louis Vuitton. So I naturally turned to Louis Vuitton.

But I would always be a slow consummer regarding bags, because rzther than having ton of them, of low quality, I would always prefer having few quality bags, that I would be able to wear on every outfit.

So if I had to choose ten bags I would be delighted to have (or I already havesmiley) in my closet and that could be kept all life long, and would always have their effect:

1/ The Big Chanel Boy

This bag is my favourite and I have it and wear it with almost everything.

This bag is incredible,I love it. Sober, chic class, big enough and you can wear it with almost everything.

2/ The Givenchy "Pandora"

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