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HairPosted by Affwé Mon, April 07, 2014 00:20:41

Relaxed Hair. Last short cut.

Hey ladies! This post is for you out there who is willing to grow your hair long (especially black women who are more prone to wear extensions, weaves and sometime wigs.)
Sorry, I need to correct this, more and more white women are also wearing extensions, weaves and wigs.smiley
But the difference here is that, we black women tends more not to deal with our hair because it is allegedly reported to be "difficult to manage" or just because the main trend was to relaxed your hair at a certain age, like a transition ritual toward a more adult age. My hair was relaxed when I was going to enter High School in France, coming from Ivory Coast. Since I was supposed to attend Boarding School, I begged my mother to have my hair relaxed; I taught that my hair would be easier to manage.
That was absolutely wrong.
I was dying them and with the help of regular relaxing products , rude winters, very soon, my hair started to break so that they never past shoulder lenght.
So after years of haidresser and relaxers every months, in 2010, I decided to chop all my hair and restart fresh.

About two months after the big chop.

Then a long journey started and let say it's the best thing I 've ever done for my hair and for me.
Being with very few hair and dealing with this new figure was the best self confidence experience I could probably have . Thanks to the support of husband and friends, I fully enjoyed this new life.

My Hair Routine

Septembre/ September 2011- 11mois/ months post big chop.Janvier/ January 2012- 15 mois/ months post Big ChopAvril 2013 - 2 ans et 5 mois après la grande coupe
April 2013 - 2 years and 5 mois post Big ChopNovember 2013- 3 years and 2 months post Big Chop
Novembre 2013- 3 ans et 2 mois après la grande coupe
December 2013- 3 years and 3 months
Décembre 2013- 3 ans et 3 moisDécembre 2013-
December 2013-Février 2014- 3 ans et 5 mois
February 2014- 3 years and 5 months

To achieve big hair, the thing for me is to be in protective styling most of the time (Vanilla, braids, and buns (now that my length is long enough!!!).

I low poo my hair, only when I've made a hot treatment oil.
So every week end or every two week end, I do a hot treatment oil, a deep conditionner and a leave-in conditionner (i will be adding new post about my staples products, stay tuned)smiley.
And I use them with the Huetiful.

This No-poo technique is also developping amongst caucasian girls, which means that brunettes, blondies and Red heads are also eligible to No Poo.
Basically the No poo, is to stop using shampoo (which contains a lot of chemical ingredients such as paraben, mineral oils...) every single day or weeks and use a conditionner instead. It's possible to transition with the low poo technique, which means using shampoo, only when oils have been used in my hair or when i need to use a clarifying shampoo to remove any bild up in my scalp (which never happens because the cream I'm using are not creating such desagrements). Check the following website for more infos about the no or low poo for white girls.
Antigone XXI's blog explains a lot about this for european, asian, white american type of hair.

"Stay real , Be you"

Pour avoir des cheveux qualifiés de "big Hair", mon truc c'est de revêtir un style capillaire qui permet à mes cheveux d'être protégés (Vanilles, tresses, et chignons: maintenant que la longueur me permet!!!).
Je me shampouine les cheveux seulement lorsque je fais un traitement aux huiles chaudes, un soin démêlant profond et un soin hydratant sans rinçage à laisser sur le cheveux une fois ceux-ci démêlés (je ferai un post concernant mes produits de base bientôt, restez à l'écoute!smiley).
J'utilise pour faire pénétrer les actifs naturels contenus dans les produits le Huetiful, un casque diffuseur de vapeur.

Le No poo se developpe aujourd'hui même pour le cheveux caucasien, c'est à dire que pour vous chères brunettes, rousses et blondes, cette technique est également d'actualité.
Il est possible de transitionner avec le "low poo" comprendre faire des shampoings seulement lorsque cela est nécéssaire (pour enlever les huiles suite à un soin d'huiles chaudes, ou lorsqu'un shampoing clarifiant est nécéssaire pour débarrasser mon cuir chevelu d'impuretés dues à l'usages de crêmes (ce qui m'arrive quasiment jamais car les crèmes que j'utilise ne créent pas ce genre de désagrément).
Pour les cheveux de types caucasien, le blog d'Antigone XXI donne pas mal d'informations.

"Restons authentiques, soyons nous".

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