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What to shop....

FashionPosted by Affwé Mon, April 14, 2014 00:19:55
Mary Katranzou

Since each piece is not less than a thousand dollard or Euro, the one piece I would recommend to shop is the Lisa Pumps for 430€.
They are coming in different prints.

Associated with a simple knee size dress or dark or even white suit, sky is the limit.
Love them.!!!
Ss14-shgr-lisa-luck-strike_lucky-strike_front_1Lisa Lucky StrikeSs14-shgr-lisa-orange-ponker_orange-ponker_front_1Lisa Orange Ponker
Ss14-shgr-lisa-roush-diaz_roush-diaz_front_1Lisa Roush Diaz
Ss14-shgr-lisa-yellow-bird_yellow-bird_front_1Lisa Yellow Bird

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